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Granny's Bakery WA

Our Ethos

The Granny’s Bakery team lovingly creates, and bakes treats fit for the family.

We focus on baking at the highest possible quality while ensuring that everyone can afford to have their cake and eat it too!

We have a long history of being family focused and Australian owned.

Our History

During the 1970’s, both Homebush Cakes and Granny’s started to make names for themselves.

Granny’s, owned by a small group of WA businessmen, pioneered their distinctive oval-shaped pie and Homebush Cakes, started by Jeremy Burston’s mother, Val Leone, began making French-inspired delicacies.


​Granny’s continued growing their reputation on the West Coast throughout the decades, finally moving to their purpose-built factory in 2005 in Malaga. Where Granny and her team now live.

Jeremy took over Homebush Cakes in 1996. Meanwhile Jamie, on the other side of the country, refined both his business and his baking skills under the tutelage of his father. The pair joined paths in 2013.​ As business partners they made steps to becoming bakery powerhouses with the purchase of Granny’s in late 2018. They took on Granny’s HACCP-accredited premises in WA, as well as the company’s brand and staff.


With the help of Jeremy & Jamie, Granny’s Bakery is now uniquely placed to distribute competitive baked delicacies to the homes and businesses of Australia.

Gluten Free

Granny's Bakery creates treats for everyone, including those who are coeliac or gluten intolerant or for those of us that aren’t gluten intolerant but just want a yummy moist cake with a twist! It’s one of our most popular lines.

We have been producing our gluten free range for nearly 20 years now – its certainly tried and tested! The Granny’s staff are trained on the important of cross contamination as well as the fact that we test every batch for gluten after baking.

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Our Factory Outlet Shop

As Malaga’s best kept secret, Granny’s Bakery is tucked away, hard at work creating fresh delights 6 days a week. Our staff bake fresh donuts, slices, danish, muffins and much, much more.

Although, like anybody our team sometimes makes mistakes.... imperfections in the icing, pours a little too much batter into your favourite cake – like that can be a thing - and has some extra left over at the end of her day.


What do we do with Granny’s leftovers? Sell them to the public for a bargain of course!

Our factory outlet shop is open to the public

Monday to Friday 7am until 1pm.

Come and visit us and see what all the fuss is about. 

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