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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I become a stockist?
    Contact our friendly customer service team on (08) 9209 4444 or and chat about how we can get our wonderful products in your venue or store today.
  • Is Granny’s really family owned?
    Yes, baking is our business and we have grown from a small family company to now a partnership and meeting of two families alike servicing the whole of Australia.
  • Where does Granny's bake it's treats?
    Granny's factory presides in Western Australia. All products under the Granny’s brand sold are hand crafted in Western Australian suburb of Malaga. Granny's has a sister company, Homebush Cakes is located in New South Wales and produces under its own brand.
  • Where can I find Granny’s products?
    Our products are supplied to the Australian retail markets as well as the route and food service markets. You can find our products in independent supermarkets as well as at local café. To find out where you can taste Granny’s bakery for yourself, feel free to get in contact with our friendly team.
  • Are Granny's product packaging recyclable?
    Yes, Granny’s uses packaging that is recyclable. Our suppliers are also members of APCO. The Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) is a co-regulatory, not-for-profit organisation that partners with government and industry to reduce the harmful impact of packaging on the Australian environment.
  • Are Granny's gluten free products suitable for someone who is a Coeliac?
    Yes, our manufacturing process means that our gluten free range is suitable for people who have Coeliac disease. We produce under strict guidelines and with ingredients that are suitable. Our gluten free range has become one of our most successful – and delicious – lines we bake.
  • Are Granny’s products Halal suitable?
    Some of Granny’s baked goods are suitable for halal however we are not certified and do not claim to be. In the past, there were products, including meat goods, that were certified however this is not something we currently produce.
  • Does Granny bake nut-free products?
    Yes, Granny’s bakes nut-free products in our factory however we also have nuts present. All of Granny’s products have an allergen statement included. If you are unsure or would like to clarify please get in contact with our Quality Assurance team.
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